16th International American Studies Conference

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The United States established diplomatic relations with Pakistan following the country’s independence in 1947. Ever since, the two countries have continued to work closely on a wide array of issues ranging from, but not limited to, education, counterterrorism, energy, trade and investment, agriculture, COVID-19 response, human rights, women’s economic empowerment, and much more. The United States has been one of the largest sources of foreign direct investment in Pakistan and remains Pakistan’s largest export market.
Pakistan has historically supported US foreign policy, specifically during the United States’ opening to China and following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. For its part, the United States has striven to lessen tensions between Pakistan and India. Although, relations between the US and Pakistan remain somewhat unsettled over regional geopolitical complexities. The bilateral thrust in the US-Pakistan ties remained missing for decades. With the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and subsequent lesser burden of geo-politics both the countries are trying to reset their ties. This Conference is an effort to provide a roadmap on how to explore and focus on new avenues of bilateral cooperation between the US and Pakistan.
The proposed 2-day conference, sponsored by the US Embassy Islamabad, will bring together academics, policymakers, think tanks, influencers, and scholars to engage in dialogue and exchange ideas on various aspects of the evolving US-Pakistan bilateral relationship. The two days’ Conference will discuss various aspects of the bilateral ties in an inaugural session, plenary sessions, special sessions and working groups.

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Area Study Centre, QAU

US Embassy Islamabad

US Embassy

US Embassy Islamabad

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American Institute of Pakistan Studies

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Dr Sadia Sulaiman

Dr Sadia Sulaiman

Assistant Professor & Conference Coordinator
Area Study Centre, QAU

US Embassy Islamabad

Team US Embassy

Team US Embassy Islamabad