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List of Publications

  • M.R. Azmi, ed., Pakistan-Canada Relations, 1947-82 (1983)
  • Rais Ahmad Khan, ed.,  Pakistan-United States Relations (1983)
  • Bashir Ahmed Tahir and Shabbir Ahmed Khalid, ed., Pakistan-US Relations: A Chronology, 1947-85 (1986)
  • Iftikhar H. Malik, ed., US-South Asian Relations 1784-1940: A History Perspective (1988)
  • Iftikhar H. Malik, ed.,  Africa in Our Times: A Pakistani Perspective on the Sub-Sahara Africa (1989)
  • Asaf Hussain, ed., The United States and Israel: Politics of a Special Relationship (1991)
  • Muzaffar Ali Qureshi, ed., Pak-Canada Relations: A Partnership of 21st Century (1998)

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