Talk Series

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General Discussion on Pakistan relations with respective countries and to discuss the way forward for the development and sustainability of these nations.

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Sr # Title Speaker/Moderator
Taliban in Afghanistan: A Canadian Perspective (Zoom) on Sep 16th 2021.
Speaker Dr. Nipa Banerjee
 Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman
Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan: Undertaking the causes and fallout (Zoom) on Sep 23rd 2021
Speakers Adam Weinstein, Christian Berg Harpviken, Asif Iqbal Dawar
Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman
3. Taliban and the Governance challenges in Afghanistan (Zoom) 30th Sep 2021
Speakers Elizabeth Threlkeld, Professor Amin Saikal
Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman
Afghan Women under Taliban 0.2 (Zoom) 7th Oct 2021
Speakers Dr. Noreen Naseer and Ms. Batol Gholami
Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman
Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan: Implications for Pakistan-US Relations (Zoom)14th Oct 2021
Speaker Dr. Marvin G. Weinbaum
Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman
6. Afghanistan under Taliban The Future Trajectory of Conflict (Zoom) 21st Oct 2021
Speaker Professor William Maley
Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman
American and Pakistan Delusion & Deception about Afghanistan Time for Honesty on All Sides (Zoom) 28th Oct 2021
Speaker Barnett R. Rubin
Moderator Dr. Sadia Sulaiman

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