University Partnerships Grants Program 2020-2023

QAU-BSU Partnership Follow-Up Project: Expanding American Studies in Pakistan

The Area Study Centre for Africa, North and South America at Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) and Ball State University (BSU) collaborated on a U.S. State Department-funded university partnership cooperative agreement from 2012-2015. The proposed new project extends outcomes and best practices of this partnership to other Pakistani universities.


Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa

Assistant Professor, Area Study Centre for Africa North and South America, Quaid-I-Aza University

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa did her MS in African American Studies from Boston University, USA in 2010 while on a Fulbright scholarship. She completed her Ph.D. in English Studies from University of Durham UK in 2017 on a Commonwealth Scholarship. Currently, she is Assistant Professor at the Area Study Centre for Africa, North & South America, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. She is also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK. Her teaching and research interests include African American Studies, Postcolonial Studies, and Critical Theory.


Prof. Dr. Lawrence Gerstein


Lawrence (“Larry”) H. Gerstein is a Ball State University George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Psychology-Counseling and Director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Fellow of the American Psychological Association (Divisions of Counseling Psychology, Peace Psychology, and International Psychology), Fulbright Scholar and Specialist, Advisor to the City University of Hong Kong Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, trained mediator, and co-editor of the Journal for Social Action in Counseling and Psychology. He earned his BBA from Bernard Baruch College, and MA in rehabilitation counseling and PhD in counseling and social psychology from The University of Georgia.

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Goals and Objectives

  1. Extend the knowledge and expertise gained from the QAU-BSU original partnership and the ongoing current project to other Pakistani Universities, especially those from underprivileged areas.
  2. Strengthen 8-10 target universities’ BS and MS programs in Literature, International Relations, History, Religious Studies, Art, Visual Communication, Popular Culture and Mass Media, Library Science, and/or Research Methodology from a U.S. Studies perspective.
  3. Provide curriculum enhancement, faculty development, and research training to faculty from these universities.
  4. Introduce target universities to Introductory American Studies classes and explore their potential to develop American Studies classes.
  5. Organize lectures and seminars to enhance the research and publication knowledge and skills of faculty members affiliated with these universities.
  6. Encourage the faculty of target universities to write papers to be presented at the concluding symposium/conference. The papers, if adequately developed, can be considered for publication in Pakistan Journal of American Studies after the completion of this proposed project.
  7. Establish a Pakistan American Studies Network/Association

Project Deliverables

  1. Five-Day hybrid training in Islamabad.
  2. 25 in-person, virtual, & recorded lectures in target areas (American Literature, International Relations, History, Religious Studies, Art, Visual Communication, Popular Culture and Mass Media, Pedagogy, Curriculum development, and Research Methodology)
  3. 27 seminars in target areas
  4. 39 workshops in target areas
  5. 64 mentoring sessions for faculty in teaching and research
  6. Curriculum/Syllabi development in each target area
  7. A symposium/conference on American Studies
  8. Establishment of Pakistan Association/Network of American Studies 

Partner Universities


Overview of the
UPGP Program

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Students who participated and got benefited shared their testimonial on the relaunch of UPGP Program 2022 

"It has had a great impact on my career and on my mind. This program is a great learning opportunity for the students of Pakistan."
Dr. Mehwish Ali Khan
Chairperson English Department SBKWU
"The best program. Not only the academic and cultural experience that we benefited from but also the broad experience when we were engaged through video conferencing with our mentors and once we returned, the relationship that we enjoyed and that we continue to enjoy."
Waseem Abbas
Media Engagement Specialist US Embassy ISB
"It has helped me in my thesis under the mentorship of Dr. Maria Staton. Overall it has helped me in my current job too."
Sarah Ahsan
Senior Research Fellow, ASC, QAU
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